Hewlett Packard Enterprise 804353R-B21 network management subsystem (NMS)

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How can Composable Infrastructure (CI) be managed as ‘infrastructure as code’? HPE Synergy Composer provides native infrastructure management for assembling and re-assembling fluid pools of compute, storage, and fabric resources to meet any workload. ‘Infrastructure as code’ capability provides on-demand delivery and support of applications and services with consistent governance, compliance, and integration. This represents a paradigm shift in managing infrastructure. Software-defined architecture auto-discovers and self-assimilates HPE Synergy resources for immediate use with template-driven operations. This intelligence increases the speed, efficiency, and reliability of operations. HPE Synergy Composer deploys, monitors, and updates the infrastructure from one interface and one Unified API. IT can deploy infrastructure for traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments. Resources can be updated, flexed, and redeployed in a frictionless manner without service interruptions. What's New - A guided installation experience is provided for Synergy setup. - Firmware deployments can be scheduled from the server profile with automated reboots. - Remote Support is tightly integrated, allowing service alerts to be generated and displaying contract and warranty data on server pages. - External repositories are supported for use with HPE Synergy Service Pack releases. - HPE Virtual Connect supports Fibre Channel direct attach to HPE 3PAR storage and also supports two master modules in the same frame for redundant configuration and growth topologies. - Product is now offered to comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). Optimize Applications and Service-levels - HPE Synergy Composer provides a powerful software architecture which is matched to a flexible HPE Synergy hardware infrastructure. Software-defined infrastructure assembles and re-assembles physical and virtual resources to eliminate complexity and to orchestrate fluid pools of resources. - HPE Synergy Composer discovers available resources for immediate use and displays flexible pools of compute, storage, and networking in a single infrastructure. Rapidly composes all types of infrastructure resources for use is the essence of 'infrastructure-as-code'. Move Faster by Accelerating Application and Service Delivery - HPE Synergy Composer is a paradigm shift in how to manage infrastructure because it reduces manual interaction and human error, by implementing change operations automatically and capturing the best practices of your experts into templates. - Templates capture best practices and efficiently use resources, including creation of logical infrastructures to provision at near-instant speeds and meet application needs. - Scaling is simple and automated. Additional capacity is self-assimilated into larger flexible pools to reduce operational complexity as hardware grows, achieving economies of scale and efficiency. Work More Efficiently by Reducing Operational Effort and Cost - HPE Synergy Composer reduces multiple tools into a single interface for virtually every lifecycle operational change. These changes can be quickly implemented by a single administrator. - Updates, from a tested release set of component software, are securely handled using a dedicated data network (separate from the management/control network) with redundant path configurations. HPE Synergy out-of-band management offers a dedicated 10Gbps bandwidth for added security and control. - Firmware updates can quickly update multiple frames to a new baseline in a non-disruptive manner, unifying updates for all components. Firmware and OS driver updates are controlled by server profiles and can be staged on the server for activation during a maintenance window to reduce outages. - Server profile templates are powerful software constructs which comprehend compute, storage, and network resources for 'infrastructure-as-code' control. Templates can ‘monitor, flag, and remediate’ out-of-compliance elements in individual server profiles using inheritance properties.
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